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YuSearch.com Business:

1.) Advertising Services
2.) Web Site Development
3.) Programming Services

1.) Advertising Services
YuSearch offers a range of flexible advertising options to drive traffic to your site.

Type of the Banner Size Period of Advertising Price
Main Banner
Rotating banner located at the top of Yusearch.com pages.
1 month $ 100
3 months $ 270
6 months $ 480
Special Advertising Link
Static Link + Image located at the main YuSearch.com page.
1 month $ 200
3 months $ 540
6 months $ 960
* All prices are in Canadian dollars

If you'd like to advertise at YuSearch.com, please send your e-mail to info@yusearch.com.

2.) Web Site Development
If you would like to have web page or web site to advertise your business information, company, or simply yourself, you have come to the right place.
For detailed information about web site development services, please send your e-mail to info@yusearch.com.

3.) Programming Services
We develop custom, internet software solutions for your specific needs, using Perl and Java languages.
In addition to custom programming services, we offer the following ready to use Internet software products:
  • Search Engines
  • Web Statistics
  • Internet "Shopping Cart" software
  • Database Integration Solutions
For more details about our programming services please send an email to info@yusearch.com.